The sediment tunnel

Upstream of the infiltration system, a sediment tunnel is often built in to act as a filter. The sediment tunnel is a standard infiltration tunnel in which a soil layer of geotextile is added under the first tunnels. The additional strip of geotextile holds back sediment such as pebbles and fine debris particles.

During rainfall, the tunnel fills up. When the water level rises and the water in the tunnel gets high, the excess water flows through to the other tunnels in the section and the water starts seeping evenly into the ground. Since the water is first filtered in the sediment tunnel, this prevents the tunnels from silting up and thus guarantees that the infiltration system is working optimally.

Via a connected magnat, the tunnels are inspected and cleaned. The sediment tunnel is cleaned by a high-pressure driven water head that propels the settled sediment to the magnat. As there is a geotextile over the stone layer, it ensures that the stones are not damaged.

The sediment tunnel allows the Pluvio infiltration system to stand out from other infiltration systems.

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