Everyone feels it, our climate is changing. We faced extreme drought just this summer. This resulted in a traffic jam on the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal, where seagoing vessels with a larger draught could not proceed because the water level had sunk so much. Not only drought but also heavy downpours will only increase due to climate change.

Too much rainwater is still being drained into sewers and rivers. We owe this to our current environment, where many surfaces are paved and consequently not enough rainwater seeps into the ground. This high degree of paving causes water shortages on the one hand and flooding on the other. Building new houses, businesses and other infrastructure disrupts our natural water cycle. To prevent water scarcity, we need to start changing our attitude towards water.

Legislation requires companies to provide solutions for water collection, rainwater infiltration and wastewater treatment. An infiltration system is mandatory in new buildings, renovations or extensions.

Pluvio infiltration tunnels offer you the quick, high-quality and affordable solution. The simple modular system and compact transportability make Pluvio tunnels the first choice par excellence.

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