ABS plastic

Pluvio infiltration tunnels are made of recycled ABS, but what does that mean?

ABS is a widely used plastic and consists mainly of butadiene and styrene. The abbreviation ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. ABS is suitable for various purposes. You can find it in household products, toys, phones, power tools and car bumpers, for example.

ABS is a dimensionally stable, sturdy and durable type of plastic. The maximum use temperature fluctuates between 85 and 100 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature is -35 degrees Celsius. The plastic is easily deformable through heat. This is how Pluvio tunnels are produced.

Another advantage of ABS is that it is very easy to process. Operations such as drilling, sawing or milling can be carried out very easily. This is a great convenience for earthworkers when they connect the tunnels via pipes to each other or to the sewerage system.

ABS can be used in a sustainable production process. ABS is recycled by shredding the plastic and then separating it from all other dust particles. To manufacture new products, the recycled ABS is mixed with new ABS plastic.

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