Increasing population density is causing a sharp rise in the urbanization of residential areas. Green areas are disappearing into the sunset while apartment blocks and residential areas are springing up like mushrooms. This irrevocably creates many problems of drainage, storage and infiltration of rainwater. Flooding of sewers and overflowing streams and rivers during severe weather are the main consequences. This is why Pluvio develops products for better rainwater infiltration.


The Pluvio infiltration tunnels offer you the fast, qualitative and affordable solution. The quickly installed module system and compact transportability make the Pluvio tunnels the first choice par excellence. They are commonly installed under parking lots, roads, built-up surfaces and heavy soil loads. Its sediment tunnel keeps them cleanable at all times. 


  • Large volume on a small surface
  • For both small and large volumes
  • Super strong through arch shape
  • Long service life
  • Easy to maintain
  • Quick manual placement
  • Very compact stackable (transport)
  • Lockable with end caps
  • Lightweight

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End caps

Our end caps for Pluvio infiltration tunnels are designed with ease of use and efficiency in mind. Each cap features pre-formed circles, making it easy to create the necessary openings with a self-tapping tool.


These convenient features allow you to effortlessly connect the supply and return pipes, significantly speeding up the installation process.

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Sand and leaf trap

Leaf and sand trap


Installing a leaf and sand trap before a stormwater infiltration tunnel offers significant benefits. This facility acts as a first line of defense for unwanted particles and debris in the stormwater before it reaches the infiltration tunnel.


As a result, the following benefits are realized:


  • Protection against clogging
  • Extended service life
  • Optimal infiltration performance
  • Efficient maintenance

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