JDK-20 Secoh air pump


€ 147,00

Secoh air pumps are distinguished by their quiet and low-vibration operation. The motor and pump components are integrated into one construction, resulting in a compact, lightweight housing and a simple mechanism with a long operating period.


The electromagnetic oscillation principle, with minimal friction, ensures low energy consumption and high efficiency. Oil-free operation ensures dry and unadulterated airflow, supported by specially shaped pump chambers and an integrated outlet that creates practically pulsation-free airflows.


Some advantages of the Secoh JDK models are their reduced energy consumption (up to 30%, depending on the application) and more compact dimensions (also by about 30%) compared to other series such as SLL and EL. This makes them not only more compact, but also lighter.


It is important to note that the JDK series is weatherproof, but should not be exposed to direct sunlight, rain or snow.


Capacity: 50l/min

Power: 16 Watt

Noise: 30DB

Connection: 19 mm

Dimensions: 221 x 177 x 200mm